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CoinPedia Pro Account is a Smartly Designed application to redirect your learning,surfing and earning in the easiest way.

The CBZ Coin

To best grow the Coinpedia platform and community, we decided to develop a native asset, CBZ Token.

CBZ Coin is primarily used to access Platform features on the Coinpedia services. In the short run, we are using CBZ Coins to provide the right incentives in the form of Airdrops, referral bounty, contest rewards, and others, to grow and ensure stability of the network. The tokens are used to create demand in the Fintech space by rewarding users with winning strategies. These 29 million coins will incentivize more crypto fans to come on the platform and be a part of the world's first blockchain social media.


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Coinpedia Fintech academy is an inbuilt online tutorial platform. The Tutorials have Lesson materials drafted by expert authors of respective subject.category.

The Subjects are Differentiated for Beginners , Developers, Investors and Entrepreneurs in a uniform and friendly way.

Followed by finishing every chapter of particular lesson, the Learners will have to attend tests and pass to proceed to next Lesson.

These Tests are recorded and Authoritative certificaticates /. Badges are provided accordingly.

CoinPedia Fintech Academy certificates are online Certifications that are Verified and authorised by Industry experts and can be applied for any portfolio purposes.

Predict and Win is an open and free platform for Coinpedia Pro account holders. Any user can Independently Submit a Prediction of provided coin and provided time.

The Nearest and Fastest Price feed user will upto $50 of tokens of respective currency.

Terms :

-One Day only one prediction can be placed from same account

-Prediction time of tomorrow's price , closed by today 11:59 PM

CoinPedia Pro Account will Provide a Professional Looking and unique open profile page for every user. This is Profiel is basically a link that page can be shared and opened in any device and browsers.

The Profile page can be your Identity Page that holds all your professional details you need.

CoinPedia Pro account offers native Security tokens that are in Coinpedia token Network in max supply of 2300000000.

CorPedia is offering Giveaways on Joining and referring friends to the network.

The CBZ token Giveaway is divided into 3 Phases

Phase 1

  • The First 10,000 users will be rewarded with 200 tokens
  • Out of 200 - 50 tokens on Account verifications and 150 tokens are for Profile update
  • Referral rewards of 100 token for each referral is allotted

Phase 2

  • The Next 20,000 users will be rewarded with 100 tokens
  • Out of 100 - 25 tokens on Account verifications and 75 tokens are for Profile update
  • Referral rewards of 50 token for each referral is allotted

Phase 2

  • The Next 30,000 & above users will be rewarded with 50 tokens
  • Out of 50- 10tokens on Account verifications and 40 tokens are for Profile update
  • Referral rewards of 25 token for each referral is allotted

Coinpedia news is first and foremost a service which is served by top quality authors and columnists across the world.

We will analyse news and information based on daily reads and curate news of your interest daily basis.

CoinPedias Blockchain social network is a Social media platform for Blockchai and Fintech Enthusiastic people.

Anyone can Post and Publish verified content ( with utter responsibility) and follow people they Like.